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The Importance of Self Defense

Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness offers more than personal fitness and nutrition advice. We also provide online self defense training. Our goal is to empower you against potential threats and give you the skills you need to neutralize a dangerous situation and if needed, get away from an altercation.

The Importance of Self Defense

The most important lesson we teach in our Self Defense programs is “Don’t be a victim!” The primary goal of a self-defense program isn’t to learn how to fight; it’s empowering yourself with the knowledge that you can take care of yourself and those who matter most to you if needed. Just knowing that you have the tools to get yourself out of a dangerous situation will have a tremendous effect on your life. You will walk more confidently and feel safer wherever you go. That’s the real power of self defense.

Our Online Self Defense Training Program

Our online self-defense training is presented through a series of instructional videos from Professor Justin Hall. The techniques we teach are a combination of Brazilian Jiujitsu and other Martial Arts, designed to be effective for women and men of any age or size. With an ever increasing need for Women’s Self-Defense, these techniques will not only help men but women to use an attacker’s energy and body weight against them. while also focusing on fighting from the ground, escaping an attackers hold and even helping you to defend yourself when an attacker has a weapon… such as a gun, club or knife.

These techniques are not limiting in age.  Here at The Tiger we strongly feel that our self-defense programs can and should be an integral part of our Senior Fitness & Health curriculum as well.

To learn more about our self defense programs, you can contact us today. Or, if you’re ready to get started, ENROLL TODAY for access to our online Self-Defense training and Fitness & Health videos!

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