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About Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness

Hidden Tiger is a different kind of fitness program than you might be used to. When you enroll in our program, you embark on a journey of whole-body wellness. Our videos bring a qualified personal trainer into your living room, guiding you through exercises that will boost your flexibility, strengthen your body and improve your overall balance and endurance. We’ll also provide you with recipes and meal plans – offering the guidance you need to step onto the path of healthy eating to nourish your body.

Who Are We?

Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness is a program developed by personal trainer John A. Mesich. John has been in the fitness industry as a trainer since 1998, helping people realize their full potential and reach their fitness and health goals. He is also an athlete, having sustained many injuries in his life and suffering from the same type of chronic and debilitating pain that afflicts so many people today. This has given him a unique perspective on fitness & health that shines through in every instructional video.

Each video has been carefully created so that each exercise is Corrective or Rehabilitative in nature. Because of his unique experiences with injuries, John understands not only the physical limitations but the mental ones as well that contribute greatly to holding so many of us back from enjoying some of life’s simple pleasures because of those nagging and frustrating aches & pain.

John Mesich

My background is one of being a college level johnathlete in both Baseball & Basketball! Because of a series of injuries, I found myself falling to a level where it was hard for me to walk even three holes on a golf course! Walking of any sustained distance was a painful journey at best! In all I have sustained 17 broken bones, went through two knee surgeries, one of which was a total reconstruction of my right knee (now considered to be bone-on-bone), one surgery on my ankle where two pins were inserted and shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and Biceps Tendon. Because of these injuries, my body was riddled with arthritis, and everyday life always included constant pain and discomfort! Structurally speaking my body was a mess! But as of today, through the types of programs that I offer, I am extremely happy to say that I am nearly 100% pain free!

Because of people such as myself and you, I developed an Intense passion for the Fitness, Health & Wellness industry! Helping individuals like myself resolve their own personal issues with physical deficiencies that have led to constant aches and pains is what keeps my passion alive!

It’s a journey, but one that you can accomplish! No one…and I do mean no one should suffer through a life of pain, discomfort and/or embarrassment!

So together, let’s break through your own personal roadblocks, rid yourself of Limiting Beliefs and Habits, Get Your Mind Right, unleash your own Hidden Tiger and create the Healthy Life that you not only desire, but deserve!


★★★★★ Master Trainer

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise & Bio-Mechanics Specialist
  • Weight Management Specialist
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Stretching
  • Golf Fitness

Self Defense

Our self-defense/rape-prevention videos feature the teachings of SIFU (teacher) Justin Hall, an expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai and total Self-Defense. The techniques we offer through our videos are designed specifically to allow women and men of any age and physical ability to defend themselves against attackers – neutralizing threats and escaping altercations.

Justin Hall

Justin Hall has been a dedicated martial artist for over 25 years! He holds a:justin

  • Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Total Defense
  • Instructor’s Black Belt in Muay Thai

He is the only Jiu-Jitsu instructor in New Mexico to graduate from the prestigious Gracie Instructor Certification Program. He holds a degree in biological anthropology, with graduate work in forensic anthropology and is currently pursuing another degree in nutrition and dietetics.

Justin is dedicated to teaching “true” Helio Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to all of his students…men, women & children. His sole focus is self-defense and aims to teach all of his students how to successfully defend themselves against a larger, stronger attacker if ever needed. He follows the Gracie philosophy in all of his teachings so the students learn how to use leverage and technique instead of speed and strength in order to overcome a larger, stronger adversary.


To teach the most proven and practical martial arts in the world in a positive, friendly and high energy family environment. We want each and every student to be able to defend themselves in a real world attack, regardless of one’s size, strength, age or athletic ability. While many martial arts are developed for sportive competition, we recognize that in a real fight there are no referees, no points, no time limits and no weight divisions.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Everyone deserves to be fit and healthy! Everyone deserves to live a life without pain or discomfort! Everyone deserves to have the strength, balance, endurance and energy to meet life head on!

Unfortunately, many people find themselves trapped in a never-ending cycle of being overwhelmed with their current fitness & health…tired, non-motivated and out-of-shape bodies locked into unhealthy lifestyles. The goal of Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness is to not only educate but to help motivate people to achieve their overall Fitness, Health & Wellness goals.

Need more convincing? No problem! Sign up today for our Weekly fitness & health tips to learn more, or simply ENROLL today to get started on your own life-changing journey towards Fitness, Health & Wellness!