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Get Help – Get Fit – Get Healthy

Do you struggle to squeeze caring for your body into an already busy schedule of life’s challenges and obligations? You know that fitness is important, but how do you find the time to incorporate working out and eating right into your life? And, most importantly, how can you be sure that you’re doing the right exercises or eating correctly when there are so many conflicting messages bombarding you every day from newspaper, radio, infomercials and more.  Each and everyone of them promising you greater success and results that they truly can’t control.  So what do you do?  Where can you go?

Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness has a solution. We simplify the process.  We help you to get fit while nourishing your body with the attention it needs without all of the gimmicks and false promises constantly thrown your way. Our programs are specifically designed to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be by helping you to not only look better, but to feel better by building a body that will carry you through all of life’s adventures and obstacles.

If any of this sounds like you, don’t you think it’s time to Get Help – Get Fit – Get Healthy?

Get Fit With Expert Guidance

The sad fact is that most gym memberships never get used.  Did you know that 67% nationally of all gym memberships are used 25% of the time, while the remaining 33% of gym memberships are not used at all?  Whole gym franchises make their money on that principle. The majority of people who sign up for a gym will attend sporadically, if at all, while still spending money every month on their dues. People sign up with the best of intentions, but let’s face it…gyms can be intimidating, expensive and time consuming!  They take a lot of time out of your day, are inconvenient and can be intimidating to a person just starting out.  Other roadblocks for people just starting out and even experienced ones as well are:

  • They don’t look the way they would like to and are embarrassed to go to a crowded gym
  • They just don’t know how to use the equipment properly (form) and again are embarrassed or worried about injuring themselves
  • They have no clue as to what type of an exercise program would most benefit them , and…
  • It’s not only costly for a membership, but to have a personal trainer and/or nutritionist for advice as well

If any of these sound just like you, then It’s obvious you don’t need another gym membership you’ll never use or be intimidated any longer.

Enter Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness!

Here at The Tiger we will give you the guidance of an expert who can show you the exercises that YOU need to complete in order to achieve your goals of Fitness & Health. You don’t need the same advice as an Olympic weight lifter or marathon runner.  You need advice from a personal trainer who understands what you need to get fit and and healthy in an environment of your own choosing along with the proper Nutrition Information to support the program of your choice… Self Defense, Women’s Self-Defense, Senior Fitness & Health or Fitness & Health.

We’ll Meet You Where You Are

Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness brings the personal trainer right into your living room. There’s no more intimidation, measuring yourself against others at the gym or learning complicated exercises with scary-looking machines. In fact, we can teach you how to build a powerful home gym for less than $150 that will include everything you need to get fit and healthy.

Our beginning videos will meet you where you are. At first, you might struggle to complete just one repetition of the exercises, and that’s okay. Over time, you’ll build Strength, Balance, Endurance & Flexibility, meeting and surpassing your initial fitness goals if you’ll just stick to it and make it a part of your everyday life.  And once that happens, our programs will grow with you to provide the skills and challenges that will boost your overall Fitness & Health!

Let your own personal Transformation begin…sign up TODAY!