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Techniques and Programs

Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness offers a series of self defense techniques that can be completed from the comfort of your home. By following the detailed instruction in our videos, you can learn Brazilian Jiujitsu and other Martial Arts techniques that provide simple, practical solutions for neutralizing threats. You can become empowered to protect yourself against the unknown and unexpected!

Unleash Your Hidden Tiger

Self defense techniques and programs teach confidence and help to create a sense of empowerment. Even if you never need to use the skills you learn, you will go through life knowing that you have the tools to disarm a threat or escape from a dangerous situation, it will affect the way you walk, carry yourself and interact with others.

We emphasize the saying, “Don’t be a victim,” and the key is knowing that you can take care of yourself. That’s the real power of our self defense classes and something we hope to impart to everyone who enrolls in our online program.

Techniques Designed for Beginners

Our self defense techniques have been put together with the beginner in mind. Professor Justin Hall, an experienced martial artist of nearly 30 years can clearly demonstrate every technique, while the videos make it easy to follow along and master these skills.

We teach a combination of martial arts styles, with a focus on techniques that can help potential victims escape from grabs and holds. One of our biggest goals is empowering women to protect themselves from attackers that are often much bigger and stronger than themselves. It can be done, and we will teach you how!

Women’s self defense are just a few of the things we offer through our complete Hidden Tiger fitness program. In addition to teaching numerous techniques for self-defense, we provide exercise videos with functional exercises to boost your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and overall fitness.

Our Self Defense programs, Women’s Self-Defense, Senior Fitness & Health, Fitness & Health videos and Nutrition Information can all help you to unlock your potential and help you to become the “Best You” today!

Our programs also include nutrition advice and recipes for healthy, nutritious meals. The goal of our programs are to provide you with total body fitness and health, and we’ll help you every step of the way on your journey toward greater wellness.

If you are interested in empowering yourself, ENROLL TODAY for access to all of our online programs. You can also contact us with questions or sign up for our newsletter for more information about Hidden Tiger!

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