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Weight Loss and Management

When most people think of fitness programs, weight loss is a primary goal. Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness looks at things a little bit differently. Weight loss is important, but it’s not the defining factor of fitness, but it is a huge part of what you need to do. You can be thin but unhealthy, or you can be healthy while carrying a little extra weight.

So instead of offering weight loss advice, we focus instead on Weight Loss and Management programs and fitness advice for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. This isn’t about dropping a few pounds or looking good in a bikini, although those are great benefits of our program.   It’s about nourishing your body with quality, real food and exercising in ways that will boost Strength, Balance, Endurance & Flexibility for life.

We take care of our cars, houses and loved ones.  Isn’t it about time we took care of ourselves too!

No matter the program that you’re interested in, Self Defense programs, Women’s Self-Defense, Senior Fitness & Health, Fitness & Health videos or Nutrition Information, make sure you’re doing all of the necessary things to help yourself achieve optimal results.

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