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Brazilian Jiujitsu and other Martial Arts

Hidden Tiger Fitness, Health & Wellness provides an online training program to teach self defense techniques that are practical and effective at neutralizing threats and keeping you safe against life’s unexpected dangers. Do you know how to get out of a choke hold? What if you’re knocked to the ground? When you complete our program, you will know this and more.

What We Teach

Our self defense program is based on a combination of Brazilian Jiujitsu and other Martial Arts techniques designed with practical applications in mind. Led by Professor Justin Hall, every one of our videos is easy to understand and filled with valuable information.

These techniques are accessible to beginners and can be successful regardless of your age, gender or strength level. By focusing on self-defense moves that utilize an attacker’s body weight and momentum against them, we teach you how to empower yourself in a threatening situation.

Practical Self Defense Techniques

Our program consists of a series of instructional videos, each one clearly demonstrating self defense techniques that you can perform. Altogether, our program consists of 50 self defense techniques, and we’re always in the process of creating more videos for you.

When you follow our program, you will learn practical self defense moves that can help you to defend yourself, neutralize a situation and get away from a threat.  Even if you never put those skills to the test, simply knowing that you CAN will have a tremendous, positive impact on your self-confidence and life!

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